SofaScore v. 5.5.4 – Player attribute overview

SofaScore v. 5.5.4 – Player attribute overview


Our focus has moved on players again.  After the months of hard work, numerous meetings and heated discussions, we are proud to release a new version of our app. Here is the complete list of novelties in version 5.5.4.

  • Attribute overview. Graphic in form of pentagon, with 5 key attributes that describe every football player – attacking, technical, tactical, defending, creativity. Attribute values are based on hundreds of statistics collected in last two years.


  • Tap on the graphics to get the average values of all players that play on this position.


  • Goalkeepers have set of their own attributes – saves, anticipation, tactical, ball distribution and aerial.


  • Below the attribute overview, there is a section with player’s key strengths or weaknesses. Luis Suarez’s strengths are finishing, positioning and play making. He has no outstanding weaknesses.


  • There are now 11 different player positions (and goalkeeper). Main position is marked with yellow.


  • Explanation is available when you tap on the graphics.


If you have any questions regarding the update, feel free to leave a message from the in-app Feedback dialog, or contact us by email: [email protected].