Biwenger & SofaScore partner for 2018/19 CL season

Join the official SofaScore fantasy league for 2018/2019 Champions League season.


SofaScore partners with biwenger to bring users a unique UEFA Champions League Fantasy experience!

Even though all you Fantasy Managers do know very well how everything works, here are the rules of the League:

1. Only 1 lineup is possible per user.
2. You can make your lineup only with Champions League’s players.
3. There is a limit on players from one team: 3 max.
4. There is a budget limit: 50,000,000€ at your disposal.
5. Empty position in lineup – you will lose 4 points.
6. Number of changes per day: 4.
7. It is clear that the scoring system for this League is based only on the rating provided by SofaScore. If you just wish to inquire about how SofaScore ratings are calculated, please refer here. You have it until Thursday, 18 Sep 2018, 18:55 CET

Of course, we will be sharing some awesome prizes to the 3 best Football Managers:

After group stages we award the first three:

1st SofaScore t-shirt, fridge magnet, scarf, 1-year ads removal
2nd SofaScore t-shirt
3rd SofaScore scarf

Final prizes:

1st SofaScore t-shirt, fridge magnet, scarf, jersey of a club performing in the Champions League, 1-year ads removal
2nd  SofaScore t-shirt, jersey of a club performing in the Champions League
3rd  SofaScore t-shirt, FIFA19 for PS4

TIEBREAKER: In case that multiple users have the same number of points the following tiebreaker will be put in place: the manager who has submitted his lineup first will be higher in the standings.

Good luck!