Top 10 Fun UCL Statistics

Champions League Semifinal Preview

We have chosen some of the most interesting stats before the semifinal matches.


After examining hundreds of stats about the Champions League, we’ve chosen some of the most interesting ones before the semifinal clashes. We focused on the semifinalists the most, but discovered some interesting insight about the other clubs too. So let’s dig right away into our statistical cherry picks.

1. Most fouls & most fouled

Let’s get the negative stats out there at first, and check out the foul situation. Out of the final four, Ajax committed the most fouls (136), while Tottenham is right behind them with 134. An interesting fact is that Manchester United committed the most fouls out of all teams in the UCL this season – 156.

On the other hand, Barcelona top the list of the most fouled teams with 151 received fouls. A curious stat here is that Ajax is in the top of this list too, with 139 fouls received – showing, obviously, the Dutch are not afraid to get physical.

2. The Reds are losing it

We also looked into who lose possession the most and the least. In the table below you can see the average number of the times a club lost possession per UCL game (not counting clearances and long goalkeeper’s balls).

Out of all 32 teams in the UCL, Liverpool lost possession the most per match. The Reds are followed by Porto and Lokomotiv Moscow.

The bottom of this list is not such a big surprise; the best at keeping possession is Manchester City. One slot above is Barcelona who lost possession 117.5 times per game, and just slightly worse is PSG.

3. Porto lost it

As with possession, similar teams are the best in the number of duels lost. The only team that lost less duels than Barça on average is PSG with only 43 duels lost per match. Barça is on 43.5.

The first (and the worst) team on this list is Porto, who lost 64.5 duels per game, followed by Lokomotiv Moscow and Schalke, again not very different as with possession.

4. What if category

Let’s check out some of the (un)lucky stats of the season. Real Madrid hit woodwork in total 10 times in 8 games or 1.25 per game. This surely leaves a lot of room for “what if that went in” moments. Manchester City wasn’t on the luckiest streak either, with 7 woodwork hits.

5. Chances missed

Liverpool missed the most big chances out of all 32 teams – 19 chances in 10 games. But if we’re talking average, Real Madrid had it pretty rough here as well; they missed 2.25 chances per game.

6. Win some, lose some

When it comes to duels won, both total and ground, probably the most interesting thing that Porto top all categories. Actually, Porto are the ultimate duel kings and are the first in not only aerial and ground duels won, but in lost too. 😅

If we only talk about the finalists, Ajax are the best in duels won with 59.1 won per game. Liverpool is a bit ahead of Ajax in aerial, with 16.10 won per game.

7. Who’s guilty of the long ball?

Napoli’s the guiltiest. On the other side, it is interesting that the only two teams with fewer long balls per game than Ajax are PSG and Manchester City. The team that everyone probably expected in the last three, Barcelona, are actually eighth from the bottom, with considerable 53.5 long balls per game. 😯

8. Master passers

When it comes to passes, the fun fact here would be that Barça are not the first, but Borussia Dortmund with 713 total passes per game.

Maybe a more intriguing stat when it comes to passes is the Total Through ball situation. Just a reminder, through balls are passes where the ball is played through to a teammate, leaving a player one-on-one with the goalkeeper. On average, Manchester City had the most through balls of all teams. Barcelona is the second, and Tottenham the third with 2.9 through balls per match.

9. None shall pass

When looking at the defensive stats, by far the most impressive insight is that Ajax is the first or second in key defensive statistical categories out of all 32 clubs.

With 66.2 balls recovered per game, Ajax are right after Porto in ball recovery. Ajax also top the list of Blocked passes, with Spurs right after them. They are the best in both the possession won in the attacking third, and the mid third. In tackles won, Ajax are the second with 11.8 tackles won per game, right after Porto who won 12.2 tackles per game.

Pure defensive domination by the Dutch.

10. The Spurs category

Final category are the number of saves in the knockout stage – this is where Tottenham shine. With 18 saves in 4 games, Spurs are ahead of Ajax who are at 15.

This wraps up our statistical preview before the UCL semifinal. If you have any questions, send them at [email protected] 🙂