Drazen Petrovic records 112 points on this day three decades ago

Drazen Petrovic manage to get 112 points in one match and conceded respective new record title.


On this day, 5th October 30 years ago, Croatian basketball Amadeus Dražen Petrovic set a new record with 112 scored points in one match. The history game was played in Zagreb where Cibona faced the Slovenian Olimpia.

In that time, the best European basketball player led the team to the legend victory Cibona over SMELT Olimpija 158:77 (77:34). In 1985, Petrovic had a performance that seems to be some sort of mythical story or tall tale.


Petrovic joined his team in locker room at the half time with 67 points in pocket. Entering the 24th minute of match, he set a new record by scoring the three point shot. Hundredth point was scored in 34th minute, but he didn’t stop. End of the game he welcomed with 112 points and outscored all other players on the court that night, and long after.

According to witness, Petrovic was pretty nervous ahead of the match, but had a great will to take down the old record of Radivoja Koraca. Korac was player of Beograd and 1962, long 23 years before Petrovic, set the high record by 74 points per match.


Cibona entered 1985/86 season as European champion on the wings of beardless 16 and 17-years old young gamesters. Petrovic averaged 37.7 points in his four seasons with Cibona and was Croatian player of the year all four years.

Players of the match:

Cibona: Dražen Petrović, Danko Cvjetićanin, Zoran Čutura, Sven Ušić, Mihovil Nakić, Franjo Arapović, Branko Vukičević, Damir Pavličević, Adnan Bečić, Ivo Nakić, Dražen Anzulović, Vlado Rizman, Ivan Šoštarec i Nebojša Razić

SMELT Olimpija: Jure Zorčič, Igor Đurović, Jože Maček, Gregor Stražiščar, Marjaž Strmole, Tine Erjavec, Andrej Novina, Tine Merzelj, Dag Kralj


Drazen Petrovic stats:

  • He scored 1004 points in 40 games for national team of Yugoslavia
  • 24 points in final of Olympic Games in Barcelona against American Dream team
  • 62 points for victory of Real Madrid against Snaidero Casertain in European Cup Winners Cup
  • 112 points scored in one single match against SMELT Olimpia

Drazen Petrovic was two-time Olympic silver medalist who led the Croatian national team before developing into one of the NBA’s top shooting star.