User Account (7)

I’ve restored my phone, logged in to SofaScore and now the ads are back, why?

Once you’ve removed the ads from your account, this state is permanently stored on your account. We’ll never remove or reset that under any circumstances.

If the ads are back after you log in again, it almost always means that you created a new account (signed in with different option). We suggest you to log out, and then log in with another type that you might have used before. If even after that you can’t remember the exact account, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll try to assist you.

How to transfer the data from unsupported “Twitter account” to another type of account?

If you want to preserve your Favorites while switching to another type of account, do the following:

Log in with Twitter on our web and you’ll see your Favorites restored. Then log out from existing Twitter account and log in with a new account (via some other option) – your favorites will be transferred automatically to the new account. Notice that this only works with completely new account – if you were previously logged in with this account, Favorites won’t be backed up.

If you had ads removed on your old account, contact us at [email protected] with your new log in details, and we will remove ads from your new account.

How can I login to SofaScore?

You can login to SofaScore with your existing Facebook and Google accounts. If you don’t use these methods, you can sign up for SofaScore account with your name and your desired email address.

Please note that because of constant issues we had with Twitter log in, we decided to drop the support for it in our Android app, and we soon plan to do the same in iOS and Windows apps.

What’s the purpose of user account on SofaScore?

User account on SofaScore app is used primarily for syncing data across mobile apps and web. Also, if you want to actively participate in comments (chat) section, you need to create user account.

What data is synced with user account?

  1. Followed Teams
  2. Followed Teams
  3. Followed Leagues
  4. Pinned leagues

What isn’t synced?

Settings are left to be device specific and they are not synced with user account.

General (6)

Why don’t you support a specific league or country?

We cover the leagues from 150 countries, in more than a dozen of sports. Usually, when we don’t have league supported, it means that none of our official providers supply the data for it. We are in constant search for better and faster sources, and you can expect wider coverage in the future.

SofaScore player ratings explained

There are 35 competitions for which SofaScore ratings and detailed player statistics are available, including English Premier League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, Dutch Eredivisie and UEFA Champions League.


SofaScore ratings for these tournaments are based on stats from official competition data providers and, most importantly, a unique SofaScore algorithm that takes into account more than two hundred of individual player statistics. Each of these stats can have positive or negative impact on moulding the final player rating depending on the specific event, player position, area of play, minute of the match and match outcome. Ratings are re-calculated every minute, just as the new stats come in.

Theoretically the ratings system can range from 0-10, but in practice it is almost impossible to get SofaScore rating bellow 3.0. SofaScore player ratings and player heatmaps are calculated live and are available as soon as the match starts. Each player is starting with 6.5 rating and based on the huge number of stats, such as number of passes, key passes, interceptions, tackles, duels won and many more, we calculate their rating for a specific match, and form a heat map by graphically showing player’s effort on the field.

Just as individual stats can change during and after the match, SofaScore rating can also be updated at anytime after the match depending on applied stat corrections.

How do you calculate rank for “Top predictors”?

This is explained on the top of Top Predictors tab. We look at virtual return on investment and not only the percentage of wins. For example, your odds are 1.61 and you have 61% of correct predictions, someone with odds 2.33 and 51% of correct predictions may earn more money than you.

When will you add new sports?

Currently, we cover 17 sports and we plan to increase that number in the near future. We are always listening to the suggestions, but please note that some sports will never be available due to the inexistent data sources.

What does status FRO mean?

FRO stands for “Final result only”. It means that we have this fixture listed, but there will be no live score updates. Final result will be available immediately after the match is finished, or few hours after (depending on the league).

Can you change the outdated/wrong name of my favorite team?

Please contact us through in-app Feedback or directly to email: [email protected] We will resolve this as soon as possible.

Android (8)

Notifications don’t work on Huawei devices

In the newest versions of Android OS, Huawei added a non-standard software addition for battery saving options. These options cause problems with notifications in many 3rd party apps, and with SofaScore app as well.

To resolve this issue, you need to complete these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app > Advanced Settings > Battery Manager > Protected apps.
  2. Find SofaScore on this list
  3. Toggle the switch for SofaScore app to make it protected

When you make an app protected, it allows the app to be in memory and essentially enabling it to receive notifications messages from notification servers.

More information is available on the link here: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/01/how-to-fix-missing-notifications-on-huawei-phones.html

Notifications don’t work on Samsung devices

In recent versions of Android OS on Samsung devices, Samsung added a piece of software called “Samsung Smart Manager” app. Inside the Smart Manager app there is a section for Power saving settings. These settings sometimes causes problems with other apps notifications, with SofaScore app not being an exception.

To resolve this problem complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Samsung Smart Manager app > Battery > App optimization > Detail
  2. Find SofaScore app on this list
  3. Toggle the switch to “Off” and disable app optimization

Disabling the app optimization will stop disabling the app from being in memory. It essentially means that SofaScore app (or any other apps) will be available to remain in phone memory and receive notification messages from their notification servers.

More information is available on the links here:



Notifications don’t work on Wiko devices

To enable notifications on Wiko devices with Murshmallow 6.0, follow this steps:

  1. Open the Wiko Fever Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > All Apps
  2. Find SofaScore app on this list
  3. Toggle the switch to “Off” and disable App optimization

After this, notifications should work fine.

How to change app language?

App language is based on your phone default language. For ex., if you use Italian as default locale on your phone, SofaScore will automatically recognize this and change UI language to Italian.

To change system language, navigate to phone “Settings” > “Language and Input” and select preferred language from the list.

Time is wrong and I can’t change it. Why?

Time is usually wrong (few hours behind or few hours advance) because the time zone on your device is not set properly. Go to phone “Settings” > “Date & Time” and adjust time and time zone according to your current location.
If the “Automatic date & time” (or time zone) option is turned on, it may be that your mobile carrier doesn’t support this option, or the option is misconfigured on their system.

Text-to-speech (voice notifications) do not work properly, why?

Text-to-speech feature relies heavily on your phone settings, or to be more precise, Text-to-speech engine settings. Voice notifications in SofaScore are tested with Google text-to-speech app which is available on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.tts.
To set Google TTS as default voice engine, navigate to your device “Settings” > “Language & input” > select “Text to speech output” and select “Google Text-to-speech” engine. You can set the voice speed and preferred language here as well.

I can’t see widget on my list, why?

Widget is not available when the app is transferred to the external storage. App doesn’t support transfer to external storage natively, but it can be done if you use custom ROM (firmware). Once when you transfer the app back to internal storage, widget will be available again.

Why does the app need these permissions?

SofaScore app is not asking any special permissions upon first install. It may however ask for a permission during the operation.


When you try to change default app sounds, it will ask you for the Storage permission in order to access the sounds which are available either on your internal, or external storage.

Windows Phone (2)

SofaScore updates for Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile platforms

Unfortunately SofaScore decided not to release any future updates for these platforms as they have been in decline for some time now. With numbers of devices and users in constant fall, the market for these platforms lack any sign of progress that would also allow SofaScore to improve further.

In practice, this means that the latest SofaScore update (version is the final as there are no current plans for the next update.

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SofaScore still offers a lot to Windows Phone users

In September of last year, we announced that version was the final SofaScore update for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile platforms, and that there will be no new features. The app itself remains available to users as a universal app on Windows Store, but without new features.

SofaScore team has worked hard in moving the project further and we are happy to say that for Windows Phone and Windows 10 mobile users, SofaScore web ( www.sofascore.com ) provides an amazing alternative. New features are added regularly and the site operates exceptionally so there are quite a few things to explore for more advanced users.

Of course, the app is available for download on other platforms through this link http://www.sofascore.com/news/download-sofascore-app/.

Chat (2)

I don’t want to use my full name in chat. How can I change the nickname?

The easiest way to change the nickname is to log in with your existing account here: www.sofascore.com/user/profile and use the “Edit nickname” option.

Another way is to log out from the app, visit any of the chat rooms available and tap on the message box. This will activate a pop-up dialog in which you can write the desired nickname, and log in with an existing account. Please note that you cannot choose the nickname which is already in use. If you do, you will revert to your old nickname automatically and you’ll have to repeat this process.

Why am I seeing Error -53? What can I do about it?

If you see the Error -53, that means that you have been permanently restricted from the access to SofaScore chat. Usually it means that you committed a serious breach of chat rules.

Permanent bans are given for highest offenses such us posting pornographic images or textual content, advertising your business – spam, creating multiple accounts in order to bypass the temporary ban, hate speech, racism, using inappropriate nicknames and any other form of unwanted behavior.

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