Help SofaScore become more local


Dear SofaScore user,

Through the years we put a significant amount of effort for our app to become more local friendly, showing the exact content our users need. App is currently translated to more than 30 languages and there are numerous settings that are adjusted automatically when you open the app for the first time.

Even though we have users from all around the globe, we are building our platform from a single location. All this time we used VPN providers to simulate the behavior, but while these technologies can be useful, they have their limitations.

We have now created local Telegram groups for each country where we plan to gather the users and ask them to test some parts of the platform (or some services around the platform such as web links and ads). For ex., we might ask to take a screenshot of our web, test the app on your local Internet connection, or check the SofaScore rank on Google Play Store page.

By doing this, you’d help our marketing, development and localization departments resolve issues and make improvements regarding the app/web behavior in your country. And don’t worry, we don’t plan to bother on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Communication in Telegram group is exclusively in English. Usual app support won’t be provided in these groups. If you have questions, bug reports or you noticed any issue with the data, you can always use in-app feedback dialog, or contact us via support email [email protected]

Invitation for sofascore-china 🇨🇳

Looking forward to see you in our Telegram group