SofaScore 5.87.0 – Last 5 matches in lineups, new headers and other UI improvements


In last couple of updates, we have made some smaller design and other UI improvements. Here is a quick overview in case you missed it.

Last 5 matches overview

Screen with last 5 matches will now appear when you tap on player from possible or confirmed lineups

New headers

Team, league and match headers have been redesigned with blurred (frosted) effect behind the logo

Tournament country/category

Name of the country/international category in match header (favorites and pinned leagues)

Tournament logos in Pinned leagues

Tournament logos are now visible for every tournament (no matter if it’s national or international) in pinned leagues category

Flags for tennis players

Country flag for now appears next to tennis player photos in match details

Select statistics in player matches tab

You can now select type of statistics to be displayed next to a previous basketball player match (points, rebounds, assists…)

Cricket player statistics redesign

Career statistics for cricket players have been separated in categories and available from dropdown menu (Tests, ODIs, T20Is…)

Player substitutions redesign

Player substitutions have been slightly redesigned

Team of the week appearances

Number of team of the week appearances is available in player season stats (matches section)

First screen on start

You can now select first screen on start – matches or favorites

Cards for managers

We are now showing yellow and red cards for managers (in match details or lineups tab)