SofaScore 5.88.5 – Euro and Copa America update

Endless summer of international football is ahead of us and we prepared the update which is all about it.

Pick’em game

In Pick’em game you can simulate outcome of Euro and Copa America, from group phase to finals.

Gameplay is simple. First, pick the every group winner and second place teams. In case of Euro, you have to decide four best 3rd placed teams as well.

At the next step, select the winner of each knockout round to the finals.

Last step, add your email address and we’ll send you a confirmation for your picks. The best predictors will win prizes and our partners secured bonuses for their services.

Match fan rating

After every match on Euro/Copa, you’ll be presented with the option to rate it. Move the slider to decide on a rating and then confirm.

Below the rating slider, there is a list of all rated matches in tournament.

Show support for your team

Country flags in chat

Show support for your team by adding country flag in Euro/Copa match chat rooms

Selected flag will show up next to your nickname when you post message.

To remove the flag, simply tap on the flag on message box and select option to remove.

Share graphics on social networks

Another way to show support for your team is to share the fan graphics to social networks.

Options to share will be available in several cases; 24 hours before the match, when your team scores a goal during the match, after the match ends in case your team wins.

Power rankings

Find out which teams have most chances to win the tournament. Algorithm for team placement takes several factors in account and is being recalculated after each round.

This is the example of the list before the World Cup in Russia. Euro power rankings should appear soon on the tournament page

Easy access to matches from “Buzzer feed”