SofaScore 6.6.34 – Smart Buzzer cards, UEFA club ranking


Smart Buzzer cards

The group of cards at the top of the matches tab form something we call “Buzzer”. It is a unique and smart way of showcasing interesting content that would otherwise be hidden in the app.

If there is a player who assisted 5 times in a single match only half an hour ago—his card will show up. If there is an interesting match with an unusually high number of followers—this match will be on top as well. A team lost a match even though they were a strong favorite according to the bookies—you guess, it will be on top.

Since most of our users spend time checking football scores, with the help of Buzzer we hope to promote other sports and big events. Formula 1 race weekends, final 4s of big tournaments, world cups or big one-time events like NFL Super Bowl won’t pass under your radar anymore.

UEFA Club Rankings

In addition to existing UEFA country coefficient ranking, you can now check UEFA club ranking as well

There is also a filter on top to find teams and countries faster

Penalty shootout graph

Penalty shootout sequence is now available in form of graph below the main score

Tennis player career high