SofaScore 6.6.68 – It’s cricket time


Did you know that cricket is the 2nd most watched sport in the world? This update is all about bringing our cricket experience closer to the status it deserves. Results are laid out more clearly, you can now check ball by ball updates and we have also added few new graphs which should give you better insights into every match.

Improved display of results

Display of main results in cricket have been improved. In addition to number of runs, wickets and overs are visible immediately in the match header.

Play-by-play updates

In completely new tab called “Overs”, you can check play-by-play (ball-by-ball) scores per single over. Check every 4s, 6s, wicket falls, bowler errors, runs or no runs.

Wagon wheel

Wagon wheel is a new graph showing shot directions used together with total number of runs scored with this shot. Graph is mirrored differently for left or right-hand batters. Tap on the graph to change between number of runs and type of the shot.