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SofaScore Attack Momentum


SofaScore Attack Momentum is one of the most innovative live statistical features in football. And you can now have it in your article.

One of our constant goals is to bring the live match feeling as close as possible to SofaScore users. That’s why we do our best to make our features as straightforward as we can. And although SofaScore has a huge number of live stats that capture the situation on the pitch really well, the Attack Momentum graph is the clearest representation of what’s actually happening.

Reading the graph is as simple as it gets – the top, green part is home team, and the bottom blue is the away team. Every minute produces one spike. The higher the spikes, the more intense the pressure. And just one glance at it is enough to see which team is pushing as well as how strong and long the pressure is. It is really an amazing direct insight into how balanced and intense the match is.

Also, if there is a turning point in a match such as a red card or a goal, it is interesting to observe how the graph changes after that point. It is especially curious to observe Attack Momentum in the matches where an obvious favorite is losing, like in the recent Young Boys vs. Juventus match.

Although Juve pressured from the beginning, after conceding the second goal in the 68th minute, the blue graph becomes completely dominant, with super high spikes representing the insane pressure put by Juventus. These last 20 minutes spent in front of the Young Boys’s goal are perfectly visible in the Attack Momentum. And although the pressure resulted only in one goal, it can be seen in the graph that the chance of scoring a second goal was extremely high.


If you’re writing sports articles, you can now integrate the SofaScore Attack Momentum into your articles. Just go to the match you want, click on the phrase “Add Attack Momentum to your website”, and copy-paste the code where you want it on your website.

The simple procedure is the same as with standings, lineups and Team of the week, and it’s a great, free way to introduce this amazing piece of live content into your article.

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