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SofaScore Attribute Overview


SofaScore Attribute Overview is a graph that represents key player’s skills in the form of a pentagon chart. This you probably know. What you might not be aware of is how detailed, subtle and accurate SofaScore Attribute Overview is. The purpose of this article is to cover exactly that.

In the creation of SofaScore Attribute Overview we have first identified five key player attributes that make up the graph: Attacking, Technical, Tactical, Defending and Creativity attributes.

Each of these attributes is generated on the basis of dozens of stats related to that particular skill. Attacking and Defending attributes are the most straightforward, without much explaining needed. The other three are a bit less clear. Technical is formed around stats that cover skills related to ability on the ball and similar, and Tactical is a lot about positioning-related stats. While some argue that Creativity is impossible to measure, we believe there are lots of stats that can capture that surprise element in the game, such as key passes, through balls and other indicators.

This quick breakdown serves only as a general outline – each of the attributes considers a much wider array of stats. Also, not all stats have an equal weight in the creation of the five attributes – some have much more influence on the changes in the graph than others. Another thing, some of these stats overlap and are used in more than one attribute.

So, to do justice to all these nuances, it took us quite some time and effort to develop an intricate, subtle algorithm that represents the player attributes as accurate as possible.

Other than these highlighted stats, there are many more that go into the creation of the SofaScore Attribute Overview.


What exactly is Attribute Overview communicating? The fact that a player has the highest sum of all attributes or the Overview with the biggest surface, doesn’t mean that – according to SofaScore – he is the best player in the world.

Attribute Overview is not created to determine who’s the best. The closest thing to defining what can be read from it is the completeness of a player. Let’s say a player lacks in the defensive department but is the season’s top-scorer in a league. He might not have the best Attribute Overview, but it can surely be argued that he is the best striker in the world.

So, when you’re comparing two players’ Attributes Overviews, know that you’re much more comparing how versatile they are, than determining which one is a better player.

SofaScore Attribute Overview is about versatility and completeness of a player.


All players have the same attributes except for goalkeepers who have their own five: Saves, Anticipation, Tactical, Ball distribution, Aerial.

But Attribute Overview is not a fixed feature; in order to stay as live and fresh as possible, it changes from month to month and takes into consideration only the last two seasons. Additionally, as some players can go through a significant change in style or form even in two seasons, the last season has a much bigger weight in the creation of the graph.

The best way to demonstrate how it changes is on the player who, at some point in his career, changed the position. This was the case with Mario Mandžukić in 2017/18. After years of playing a central forward, the manager has moved Juve’s striker to the left wing. This move back is perfectly visible in the Attribute Overview. It can be seen that, as Mandžukić transitioned from one position to another, his Attacking, Technical and Tactical attributes reduced, but he gained on Creativity and Defense – the attributes that perfectly communicate Mandžukić’s tireless quality of going back and helping his team with defending.

In the image below you can see the exact percentage of Mandžukić’s change of position.

Mandžukić's switch from a classic forward to a more defensive position is perfectly visible in the graph.

Except for time, another parameter that makes the graph relevant is the league in which the player plays. More precisely, every league has a certain level of competitiveness which we then include into the algorithm. In this way, we prevent the situation in which the player who excels in a minor league gets higher values than players from major leagues.

This help us keep a fair balance between leagues, but it also makes the graph an accurate indicator for when a certain player is ready to transfer to the big five.

Although Jonas had a near perfect season in Benfica, due to the league parameter his Attribute Overview is significantly smaller when compared to the players who excel in top leagues.

We hope this article covers all relevant information you wanted to know about SofaScore Attribute Overview. Still, if you have any questions about it, just send them at [email protected] or any of our social networks and we’d be happy to answer.