SofaScore v. 5.5.2 – TV Channels


We received overwhelming number of requests for adding TV channels during the year, and we are proudly introducing the new version with this feature. See what else is new.

  • Find TV channels information directly in details of a match.

Simulator Screen Shot 18 May 2016 10.09.22_iphone6_gold_portrait

  • We don’t have the information for a certain match, but you do? Place your vote (contribute) and help the others.

Simulator Screen Shot 18 May 2016 10.09.28_iphone6_gold_portrait

  • We added manager profiles with their complete team history, performance statistics and preferred tactical formation.


  • Last summer we started a project called “SofaScore News”. Our plan is to bring the most interesting sports related content to our fans. With one of the app redesigns, these articles started to appear in media section of every league. Since more and more articles were published day by day, it become somewhat difficult to track all the news in app. So in the latest update, you’ll find everything from “SofaScore News” in single screen.


  • Sport news, transfer rumors, pre-match analysis and our “Team of the week” (TOTW) articles in one place.


  • Also, there are plenty of news from previous update – redesigned “Matches” tab in events. Last and Next matches are still available on the bottom. Areas with logos of the first and second team are clickable and will reveal last 10 and next 2 matches of a selected team.


  • In the Odds section you can see information about percentage of team wins in relation to full time odds.


  • Team details are expanded with more information. Manager, number of league and cup titles, year of last title, number of foreign and national team players, date of founding, venue and capacity.


  • We got something for tennis lovers as well. Surface, number of sets, number of players and title holders in tournament details.


If you have any questions regarding the update, feel free to leave a message from the in-app Feedback dialog, or contact us by email: [email protected]