SofaScore v. 5.73.2 – Compare player statistics and attributes


Knowing player statistics is interesting, but it is even better when you can compare the stats with another player. In this update we have added 2 comparison tools – one for player statistics in a match, and other for player attributes (characteristics) through time.

Compare player statistics

To start comparing, open player dialog (stats) from either lineups or box score screen. In top right corner you’ll find orange Compare button.

When you press Compare button, complete list of players will open. Next to each player you can find their position and SofaScore statistical rating in this match

When you select a player which you want to compare, statistics from both players will appear side by side. Similarly to match statistics, higher value will be highlighted with colour

Compare player attributes

Player attributes change through time based on statistics valued in each attribute category. It’s interesting then to see how much player improved or evolved through time. To see this movement, simply open player details, find attribute overview section, and press on the specific month on timeline.

On the screenshot above you can see how much and in which areas has Raheem Sterling’s game improved during Pep Guardiola managership.

Formula 1 driver profiles

Formula 1 drivers finally got their profiles. Besides elementary bio in Details, there is a Rankings tab which is highlighting their current place in F1 Championship and Races tab with recent results.

From minor improvements, we have added “race start” notification for Formula 1 races

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