SofaScore v. 5.73.8 – Score difference graph in handball


Score difference graph in handball matches

Similarly to our graph in basketball, this one shows score difference between teams in given moment. In this example maximum goal difference was +7 (numbers at the right side of graph), and Barcelona dropped the lead few minutes before the end of the match.

Cup tree in match details

In place where there is usually “Standings” tab in Match info, there is now “Knockout” tab for cup matches. Cup tree/bracket in “Knockout” tab is visible from 1/8-finals.

Colored tournament icons

Gray icons for tournaments have been replaced with colored icons in “Leagues”, “Matches” and “Favorites” list.

Win-draw-lose icons

• W-D-L icons are now visible next to manager’s past matches for easier reference

Cricket player details

From this version you can open details of a cricket player directly from “Innings” tab

Odds provider settings

If you have suddenly noticed that the odds in match details have changed or might be completely missing, you can always check odds provider settings. It’s the 2nd option from the top.

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