SofaScore v. 5.74.6 – Team and player logos in notifications, minutes in “Matches” and more


In the last few incremental updates we have made small but significant improvements to our app. Here is the quick overview of everything included in case you might have missed it.

Team and player logos in notifications

To make notifications more distinctive, we have added team and player logos in notifications.

Minutes in “Matches” list for other sports

Current minutes are now available in basketball quarters, ice hockey periods and handball halftimes directly in “Matches” tab.

Market value and average age

Team market value and average age information is added to match lineups and team details

National team appearances

In player details, number of national team appearances for main team and young age levels

Icons in player’s matches list

To make player’s matches list easier to go through, there are now icons for goals, assists and cards next to a specific match.

VAR incidents

And at last, we have introduced new type of incident in match details – VAR. You can now know what happened after the goal or card had been cancelled, or how and why it was awarded after all.

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