SofaScore v. 5.75.3 – Play areas and Formula 1 career history


Individual player heat maps data has once again proved like a great source for creating other types of informative graphics. If you are using SofaScore app for football matches, you probably already know about “Average player positions” in “Lineups”. Now we are adding similar graphics to match statistics called “Play areas”.

Play areas

You can find “Play areas” in “Statistics” tab of every match that is covered with detailed player statistics. “Play areas” are available in form of 3 graphics. First graphics shows zones of play from both teams combined.

Here we can see another evidence of how much trouble Manchester City caused to Watford last weekend with 84% of all play happened at the middle and front of Watford goal.

The other 2 graphics show play areas for each team. Areas are divided by 9 sections. If a section is greener, it means that concentration of play is lower – if it’s dark orange, it means that concentration is higher. Arrows shows sides on which attacking play happened. Longer the arrow, higher the number of attacks happened on that side.

In this example we have match WBA – Huddersfield. WBA had more attacks on the right side, exactly where goal scorers Furlong, Ajayi and Phillips played.

Formula 1 driver career history

Little by little we are improving Formula 1 coverage. Recently we added previous races and now we’re adding driver career history. In career history you’ll find for which teams drivers raced and what was their rank at the end of each season. Additionally, you can see number of races, podiums and wins achieved for each team or season.

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