SofaScore v. 6.6.08 – Basketball season shotmap, matches tab in manager page


We always listen to user’s feedback and try to add new and improve old features. Here is a brief overview of everything new and improved from last couple of versions.

Basketball season shotmap

All the data we have for individual match shotmaps were used to create season shotmap for players. First graph is actually in a form of heatmap, showing from which positions player take shots. On this screen you can also switch tabs between shots made or missed.

Bottom graph shows shooting average against the league average in each area.

Currently, this feature is available for NBA, but more leagues should be supported in future.

“Matches” tab in manager page

Similarly to our player, team and tournament page, list of matches has been added to managers. W-D-L icons are also here to make navigating little easier.

National team appearances

In player details we added number of national team appearances for main team and young age levels

Player matches on bench

If a player was in lineup but didn’t play, this match will be marked with a bench icon.

Cup tree in match details

In place of “Standings” tab in league matches, there is now “Knockout” tab for cup matches. Cup tree (or bracket) is available from 1/8-finals.

Series and aggregated results in widget

If there are several matches to qualify for the next round of knockout tournament, series result (or aggregate score) will be shown next to a team in widget.