SofaScore v. 6.6.09 – Compare player attributes and team/player logos in notifications


This one will be short and sweet. Many things have been improved in the background and some of the issues from last few versions fixed. Here are new features added in version 6.6.09.

Compare player attributes

Player attributes change through time based on statistics valued in each attribute category. It’s interesting to see how much player improved (or got worse) through time. To see this movement, simply open player details, find attribute overview section, and press on the specific month on timeline.

On the screenshot above you can see how much and in which areas Raheem Sterling’s game improved during Pep Guardiola managership.

Team and player logos in notifications

To make notifications more distinctive, we have added team and player logos in notifications.

If notification only relates to one team (for ex. goal scored), only logo of this team will appear. Otherwise, logos from both teams (or players) will be visible (for ex. notification for match started or finished).

Bug fixes and improvements

We have fixed some annoying bugs in this version – slow favorites screen refresh and issue with removed pinned leagues appearing back on a fresh start. Some of the visual tweaks are present as well – dark theme improvements and additional layout for notifications through 3D touch. More columns should appear on larger screens in “Box score” tab.