SofaScore v. 6.6.56 – In case you’ve missed…


In last several months we have released a number of updates with small changes and improvements. Here is the quick overview of everything new from last several versions

More matches in favorites

Matches from your favorite teams and leagues now show up to 7 weeks in future

Tennis doubles on recent form

Tennis doubles are now visible on recent form graphics. Tap on the image on graph and the names of the player opponents will show up.

Flags for tennis players

Country flag for now appears next to tennis player photos in match details

Football and tennis rankings improvements

Football and tennis rankings have been improved and should have the same functionality. Additional filters have been added to football rankings. Player photos are available both on Official and Live views in tennis.

New headers

Team, league and match headers have been redesigned with blurred (frosted) effect behind the logo

Am. Football score graph

See the score difference in Am. football at any point in a match