User account on apps

Today, we are introducing  SofaScore user account , which will help in organizing your sports day and track your sport results more easily.


SofaScore user account is very neat feature. With growing number of phones and tablet devices one user can own, we at SofaScore recognized the need for one place where all your favorite teams and games will be stored (synced). To login, you can choose one of your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. If you don’t like social networks, you have the option Sign up for unique SofaScore account with your provisional email address.

On first login, all your existing favorite teams and games (My teams and My games) will be transferred to your account. That’s also valid for your Pinned leagues. From now on when you add team, or a game it will be available on any device you login with SofaScore account. At the moment, you can use sync on Android, Windows Phone and web. iPhone is coming soon.

Removing ads

Other than sync, user account is used for Removing ads. We imagined removing ads as a simple game of collecting points by your engagement. Now, you have the ability to be awarded for any friend recommendation of SofaScore you give. We value that a lot and for 2 successful installs by your Tell-a-friend link, you get yourself 30 days without ads. How cool is that?

You have several other ways of collecting points, like turning the app on once a day, share video link or share screen to Facebook or Twitter. You’ll get awarded if you predict the outcome of that Barcelona match from last night also.

User account is in Beta so there can be some minor things we need to polish. Also, we will introduce more ways of collecting the points soon.

We hope you’ll  enjoy these new features as much as we did making it.

Your SofaScore team