Weekly challenge
Weekly challenge
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Put your powers of prediction to the test! Who will win?
Weekly challenge info

How to play
Vote for who you think will win upcoming matches in all your favourite sports - and get points when you guess right.
Your goal is to collect points, get promoted each week, and make it to #1.
Where to vote
Browse upcoming events in any sport to start voting before the timer for this week runs out!
What happens each week
A new challenge begins every Monday at 07:00 (UTC) and lasts until the timer runs out.
When the timer runs out, those with the most points get promoted to a higher league. Those with the least points get relegated to a lower league, and those in the middle stay put.
Collecting points
Collect points by voting on Who will win, Will both teams score and Who will score first for this week’s events.
  • You get 1 point every time you vote, and extra points if you get it right.
  • You lose 1.5 points every time you get a vote wrong.
  • Only matches played in the current week count toward your score.
  • Points won or lost for matches beyond the current week get applied during that week’s challenge.
  • By tapping your name on the leaderboard, you can view your points and prediction history for this week.
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