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NBA tournament is followed globally and we know it can be hard for true NBA fans to find deep and well covered stats. That is why SofaScore offers in-depth NBA live scores, standings, schedule and odds. There are endless possibilities to analyze the entire season and to follow favorite teams and players. Before sharing the most important NBA facts, make sure to check our main page for today’s basketball games and follow every game and every result live.


NBA or National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in North America for men and is one of the top basketball competitions in the world. The league is the most popular global basketball competition with the recognizable logo with Jerry West silhouette made in 1969. The competition started in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA) and merged with the competing National Basketball league (NBL). Today, there are 30 teams that compete every year for the title of the NBA champion.

NBA tournament structure

NBA competition consists of two main conferences, East and West, with 15 teams being part of each of the conferences. Additionally, each conference consists of three divisions that determine home and guest games. SofaScore is one of the many providers of NBA and basketball scores, standings and results for each conference and every game. There are three main parts of each NBA season:

  • Preseason - the series of friendly games used as a warm-up for the regular season
  • Regular season - overall 82 games that each team plays
  • Playoffs - the knockout phase with 8 best teams from the East and best 8 teams from the West conference
The teams play most of the games with other teams from their conference. Typically 52 games are played against the teams in the same conference and 30 games are played against the teams from another conference. The best 8 teams from each conference enter the conference Playoffs and the quarterfinal clashes. The first team that wins 4 games moves to the next round and the best teams from each conference meet in a grand NBA final.

Most successful NBA teams

The most successful teams in the history of 30 teams are Boston Celtics & Los Angeles Lakers with 17 titles.

The current title holder is Golden State Warriors.

NBA top scorers

SofaScore Top players section provides users with the list of NBA top scorers for each season. Besides the top scores list, you can check the best players list by rebounds, assists, 3 pointers, free throws and more.